Aaron Dauner, TM Products

Aaron Dauner, TM Products

A $10,400 Accion loan to pay for product inventory allowed Mr. Dauner to produce an innovative tire-masking solution for large trucks. In turn, Dauner’s company, TM Products, filled its first orders. (Cordova, TN)

Gavin O’Neill, Hello Boys Clothing

Gavin O’Neill, Hello Boys Clothing

Hello Boys Clothing consignment shop is the dream of Gavin O’Neill. After acquiring an Accion loan, he paid for shelving, the store’s first-month rent and deposit, as well as other supplies. He opened his doors in August 2012. (Nashville, TN)

Accion lends to all kinds of business people

Accion lends to all kinds of business people

Restaurant owners, consulting firms, beauty salon operators, construction contractors, daycare providers, and more.

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